Dear Sirs.

I greatly appreciate the interest your order is showing in the General Okulicki Foundation and its Home Army Clinic in Warsaw - Specjalistyczna Przychodnia Lekarska, ul. Mariańska 1 00-123 Warszawa, Poland. The outpatient Clinic in Warsaw was founded in 1990 - and remains open until today (in Vilnius it worked in the time period of February 1996 - April

The Home Army A.K. was the biggest underground army during the Second World War (about 400.000 soldiers). They fought against German and Russian invaders in September of 1939 and after the Second World War, against the communist dictatorship in Poland. A lot of A.K. soldiers died a hero's death but most of them were persecuted or murdered after the Second World War in prisoner's camps in Soviet Union (1945-1956). The main purpose of our Foundation is to offer assistance to all Home Army Veterans A.K. and all Second World War Veterans, especially the ones who during the communist regime suffered persecution, deportations to Siberia, imprisonment and tortures, but also the families of these political victims. The merest penalty They had to suffer during that period was a ban from attending universities and an eventual inability to obtain work with their lack of education.

Today, sixty years later, they form the most deprived group of retirees in Poland, who as all the others, also need medical and financial help. All those years concluded with undeniable harm on their health condition.

Another group of such veterans lives in the former Polish Eastern Provinces, now part of the Lithuanian, Bialorussian and Ukrainian Republics. Their standard of living is even worse and harder than that of their colleagues in Poland. They suffer a true, extreme poverty!
The Okulicki Foundation, which is helping all of these people, was founded in 1990 by former Home Army (Armia Krajowa) members and a group of dedicated, young professionals.

While serving some 8,000 patients, the Foundation is struggling daily for a financial survival. Most of its workers, including some 30 doctors are volunteers, offer their services
for free. The Foundation operates without permanent government subsidies, exclusively due to private support of donors from different parts of Poland and abroad.

Our main purpose is to help AK and other veterans and offer assistance to them. Our Outpatient Clinic fulfills its duties in this range. 30 doctors (of 20 specializations) take care of all the veterans and their spouses. The number of visited patients a year is equal to as much as 20,000. The number keeps increasing. The main diseases treated in our clinic include: