We run preventing programs and render permanent medical care and cooperation of all specialists, esp. in the circulatory diseases area-we do ECG, echocardiographic examination with use of color, Doppler method (on the Echocardiograph SONOS 100 CU by Hewlett-Packard), 24 hour ECG and B.P. Holter monitoring, haemathological tests, e.g. lipidogram, ultrasound examination with color Doppler of arteries and veins.

The Foundation operates solely due to private support from within the territories of the country and abroad, without permanent government subsidies since 1991.

The Polish Home Army Veterans Association, an organization operating in Western World (USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Holland) is a major contributor and supporter of the General Okulicki Foundation and its activities. They are continuously involved in collecting money and medical supplies. Unfortunately, most of them are retired and their resources cannot satisfy the urgent needs of A.K. veterans in Poland and across its Eastern borders. Thanks to their cooperation, we just started essential nursing and medical attention of bedridden Home Army Soldiers at their apartments.

Thanks to the Medical Service Department, our patients, ex-soldiers of Armia Krajowa, if necessary, are accepted in specialized hospitals of Polish Health Service. But the Foundation is still struggling for financial survival!!! Most of its workers, including some 30 doctors, who are volunteers, give their services for free.

Our charity organization is non-political, self-governed and independent. It is our desire to establish contacts and cooperation with Your organization which, as we strongly believe, will enable us to achieve our goals in a better and more efficient way. We hope that an exchange of experiences and personal contacts will be beneficial to the people who need our help.

This is why we are also appealing for help to our Western World Friends - to your Organization.

We are very anxious in assuring you that your help will enable us correct diagnosing and proper treating methods for many patients. It is very important and truly essential to the clinic.
If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to write.

Hoping that you will help our Foundation, we thank you in anticipation.
We are looking forward for your kind cooperation.

Stanisław Rubkiewicz